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Autor: Antonino Ferro
Editora: Routledge
Ano: 2006
Nº págs.: 148
Categoria Principal: Livros em Inglês

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1 Narrations and interpretations 1
A seeming digression: towards a clinical model 2
The analysts narcissism and interpretation 6
Taking a broader view 7

2 Telling ourselves stories with, perhaps, a grain of truth 17
Schnitzlers Riches 25

3 In praise of Row C: psychoanalysis as a particular form of literature 27
Narration in the analysts consulting room 33

4 Sexuality as a narrative genre or dialect in the analysts consulting room: a radical vertex 37
Characters in the analysts consulting room 39

5 The waking dream: theoretical and clinical aspects 51
In search of the ±-element (the protovisual element of thought) 52
Free associations 61
Does the container hold fast or does it tear open? 62
A place for dreams 63

6 Delusion and hallucination 67
Delusion 67
Hallucination 73

7 Characters in literature and in the analysts consulting room
A little history 82

8 Notes on acting out, the countertransference and the transgenerational field 97
Acting out 97
The place of the countertransference in a field theory 99
The present field and the transgenerational field 102

9 Child and adolescent analysis: similarities and differences that mask an underlying unity 105
How does an analysis work? 106
Formal similarities and differences 110
Substantive similarities and differences 113

10 Play: characters, narrations and interpretations 119

Notes 127
References 131
lndex 143